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Scrotal Lift Surgery | Scrotum Lift procedure

Are things a bit stretched down there? Do you have a long Scrotum?

Scrotal Lift Surgery

Men come to Moorgate Aesthetics to improve the appearance of their Scrotum

The medical term for lifting the scrotum is scrotoplasty. A scrotum which is excessively stretched can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for men. Problems encountered include the testicles touching the toilet water when sitting on the toilet. They may get trapped in certain types of clothing. Then of course there is the embarrassment when having to change in public places such as the gym. It can also inhibit a mans sex life as he is too embarrassed to reveal his genitalia to his partner for fear of ridicule.
This is particularly common problem for men as they age and the scrotum naturally drops down.
Scrotal improvement surgery can be performed together with other surgery on the male genitalia. For example, we do get requests to perform this operation together with penis enlargement surgery. We are one of the foremost providers of penis enlargement surgery in the United Kingdom.

The Procedure

About the Scrotum
About the Scrotum
Most men are concerned about the length of the scrotal sac. They feel that aesthetically it does not look nice. They are worried that their partner may find their genitals off-putting. The procedure is performed either under local or general anaesthetic. The Plastic Surgeon will discuss the most appropriate anaesthetic in your case with you.
During the operation the excess skin is removed giving a lifted appearance to the testicles. In most cases self dissolving sutures are used. The operation takes around one hour and following a period of recovery you will be able to go home on the same day.

After the surgery

Following your scrotoplasty surgery you need to arrange around one week off work. It is important that you rest in the first days after surgery. You will notice some bruising and swelling to the scrotum. This is normal and will settle over the following two weeks. You may be prescribed antibiotics and pain relief medication by the Doctor, it is important that you take your medication as prescribed. If erections become uncomfortable in the first days after surgery , medication can also be prescribed to help with this.
Excessive activities such as gym work should be avoided for six weeks after surgery. Similarly, avoid sexual intercourse until the scrotum has sufficiently healed. Your surgeon will advise you when it is ok to resume.
Appointments will be scheduled for you to have check ups with the surgeon and to ensure that everything is healing well. The results of scrotoplasty surgery are permanent. Rarely skin laxity can return which may require a revision surgery procedure.
At Moorgate Aesthetics we provide three years revision surgery cover for all Patients giving you complete peace of mind.

What should I do next ?

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