Thursday, 29 September 2016

Premium Penis Enlargement Surgery with PRP

Moorgate’s Latest Penis Enlargement Procedure now with Platelet Rich Plasma, Our Premier Procedure!

Penis enlargement surgery incorporating the revolutionary treatment that is PRP.

The size of the penis can be significantly enhanced without affecting sexual performance or sensitivity with enlargement surgery for men. 
It is true to say that penis enlargement surgery is not performed by too many Plastic Surgeons. It is a very specialised surgery and we refer clients to two of the country’s most experienced Surgeons for enlargement surgery for men. Most men who have penis enlargement surgery choose to have both the length and thickness enhanced at the same time.

Premium Penis Enlargement Include’s


  • Standard Penoplasty Surgery using the Puregraft filtration system see more

  • Added premium product of  Platelet Rich Plasma

What is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy?

This technique is used in many areas of medicine,not just aesthetic medicine. It is used in orthopaedics and is very popular in sports injuries where athletes and sportsmen want to get back in action quickly after injury.
The therapy is based on the body’s natural healing and restorative powers of the blood, or more specifically the platelets in the blood which contain “ growth factors”. PRP is able to release these growth factors exactly where they are needed to rejuvenate and multiply cells to add volume where it is needed most, in your case,  your penis.
The growth factors in your platelets are capable of causing cell proliferation, a multiplication of cells that can increase volume and improve skin quality.

How is Platelet Rich Plasma done?

During your penis enlargement surgery the Surgeon will take some blood from your arm, the same as when you have a blood test at the GP or local hospital. This blood sample is then placed into special tubes and put into a machine called a centrifuge. This spins the blood at a very fast rate which caused the plasma to separate from the red blood cells. It is this plasma that we are interested in. This plasma that contains those precious growth factors is then injected into the shaft of the penis.
Another interesting fact about PRP therapy is that a specific cell that is stimulated in your treatment is the pre-adipocyte cell. It is interesting because this cell has the capacity to turn into a fat cell. This in turn contributes to increasing volume in the penis
At the same time fat will be harvested in a small liposuction procedure,  and after preparation this will be also injected to create extra volume. Your won fat together with the regenerative properties of your own blood will form the platform for a bigger, thicker penis

How much does Penis Enlargement with PRP cost ?

At Moorgate we offer you a number of treatment options for penis enlargement. We are one of very few providers who give you treatment options. However, penis enlargement surgery using PRP to help maximise results costs less than you may think. What’s also helpful is that we have flexible finance options of this procedure including interest free credit options subject to status.

To find out more give our team a call now and let’s discuss what options you have and which one appeals to you most.

call us any time on 03300 244 858

Our team are friendly , knowledgable and helpful. If it seems a bit daunting picking up the phone to talk about penis enlargement don’t worry, we deal with many enquiries every day by phone and email. Choose the right option for you and let’s get you on the road of increased self confidence and healthier , happier sex life.

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