Friday, 14 July 2017

Penis enlargement surgery - commonly asked questions

If you’re considering having penis enlargement surgery, there may be a few questions you’d like the answer to before taking the plunge.

Here are some questions commonly asked by men considering this form of cosmetic procedure.

What options are there for penis enlargement surgery?

The usual procedures for penis enlargement are as follows:
  • Detaching the connecting ligament from the pubic bone to the penis so that it hangs lower and appears larger
  • Increasing the girth of the penis using fat transfer from the abdomen or thighs
Your specialist cosmetic surgeon will discuss your options with you.

How much larger can my penis be?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee about the final size of your penis following enlargement surgery. You may see as much as an extra couple of inches in length and even a little more in width, but this is not guaranteed.

How long do fat grafts last?

The longevity of fat transfer varies between individuals and from surgeon to surgeon. Most fat transfers do have a long survival rate, but this can’t be guaranteed.

How long will I be ‘out of action’ after my penis enlargement procedure?

The length of time you’ll need off work will depend on your recovery rate and the nature of your job. Some men may be able to return to work the day after their procedure, whereas others may need a few days to recover.
Although you may resume sex around a month to six weeks after your penis enlargement surgery, it may take at least six months before you can expect to enjoy the full length of your new erection. For the first few weeks, you may experience a small loss of sensation, but this should gradually return to normal.

Following my penis enlargement procedure, will I be able to father children?

Yes. Penis enlargement surgery does not affect your fertility. As long as you had no issues in fathering children before your surgery, there is no reason why you cannot do so afterwards.
These questions are among the most commonly asked by men considering penis enlargement surgery. If you require any further information, contact Moorgate Urology for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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